MINERAL RESEACH PROCESSING is a company created by François Sorrentino

Bibliographic sketch
Status  :born 14th june  1942 , french , married,  one Child

Educational Backround:
Master of  science  (Chemistry, University of Grenoble  France) (1968)
Chemist engineer (INPG  Grenoble France) (1969)
Doctor engineer (Grenoble France ) (1970)
Ph.D. (Aberdeeen U.K ) (1974)

Professional experience : It is divided in three parts: a) as engineer,  Dr Sorrentino occupied the position of Project manager and senior scientist during 35 years in the company  LAFARGE b) at university ,  Dr Sorrentino occupied the position of  Research  Director  of  CNRS . (6 years) He was  teaching at  ISTIL ( Engineer school at  Lyon )  and  IUP (  civil  engineering  depart- ment  of Lyon  University) and he was member of the Research council of Lyon University. c) Since 2005, Dr Sorrentino retired from Lafarge and manages a small company  called Mineral  Research  Processing devoted to  the synthesis of  minerals  for  research.

Publications More than100 publications, 5 patents on behalf of Lafarge and 4 chapters in books on cement (as coauthor) have been published. Publication topics include, special cements, high alumina cement (high temperature chemistry and phase diagrams), clinkering reaction, slags, special concrete (Ductal). The list of the publications is as follows