The activity of Mineral Research Processing Cie is devoted to the synthesis of mineral with controlled chemistry and mineralogy.
The research undertaken by Mineral Research Processing Cie aims at improving these syntheses, the equipment to design them and an efficient use of the products.  

The following procedure is applied to precise the relation between Mineral Research Processing Cie , their partner and customers.
1) The equipment is not standard and has been designed for a special production
2) When a product is required,
3) If the product is included in the catalogue.
 3a) Cost, delay, delivery conditions ( lumps ,  ground product.. ) are proposed.
 3b) After agreement, the product is synthesised and sent to the customer
 3c) After a control of the product by the customer, an invoice is sent.
4) If the product is not included in the catalogue
 4a)  a proposal of partnership is supplied. Mineral Research Processing Cie provides freely the product, the partner control the product until the desired composition is reached.
4b) when this step is achieved, Mineral Research Processing Cie provides a larger quantity of the product at a cost equivalent to the one found in the catalogue