Methods used in  mineral synthesis have  in part imitated natural process of modification by sintering  process,  crystal  growing  from melts,  sol gel processing, or hydrothermal magma,.  For each compound, a) Suitable experimental conditions have been developed b) Burning temperature, pressure, atmosphere and thermal profile are fixed in accordance with phases diagrams 

The raw material are ANALAR products. The chemical composition is checked by XRF, ICP . The quality of the products ( mineralogical composition) is checked on a regular basis by XRD.  Fineness, (specific surface, Blaine), XRF, specific chemistry techniques are determined on request.

All these standard phases have a guaranty of purity (chemical and mineralogical) And fineness (350m2/g)
Tailor made phases with different fineness are possible under contract.

Mining schools (Paris, Douai, Krakow), Bouygue, Rhodia, INSA (Lyon, Toulouse),  CEA, BASF, Holcim, Lafarge, University of Burgundy, Berkeley , Padova, Barcelona,